Local Made, Hand Made,
Well Made


Cakes & Bakes by Guy Martin is an artisan bakery and pastry concept that offers fresh products made from high quality local ingredients.

Cakes & Bakes by Guy Martin bakery is designed to offer you more than a place to eat. The space is an extension of all the qualities you want and love: warm, cozy, friendly, spacious and comfortable.

The House offers French bakeries and pastries, signature items by the prestigious Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin, products from around the world such as salads, sandwiches, a wide variety of traditional Anatolian products (bourek, bagel sesame, ...) and finally a wide selection of tea served in loose form.

At Cakes & Bakes by Guy Martin, there is a before & after, because you are sure to leave with a smile and satisfaction as a bonus.

Golden Treasure of the Earth

On the fertile lands of Anatolia, millions of ears of wheat unfold, flaunting their golden robe and ready to offer their nourishing seeds. The Earth delivers us this wealth, which people then transform into “white gold".

Cakes & Bakes has made this simple and noble raw material the starting point of its expertise and in everything it does, drawing on the philosophy and leitmotiv of respect for the consumer, use of high-quality local products and freshness of food prepared right where it is served.

Working from seed to flour, and combining it with excellent, carefully selected ingredients, Cakes & Bakes needed no more to compose a cheerful, eclectic and appetizing menu, served in warm and cozy atmosphere.

Cakes & Bakes is now setting off on a new adventure, infusing into it the French touch so loved by all over the world.

Fertile Spirit

Between the Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin and the Cakes & Bakes banner, the tiny seeds sprouted quickly, sealing a French-Turkish friendship that wholeheartedly embraces its inveterate penchant for sweets.

Ideas abound, desires are shared, in a single love for the land and the generous hands that form it.

Guided by a common vision for efficiency and simplicity, a common objective of respect and harmony, a common aspiration for quality and expertise, the whole comes together in an innate sense of friendliness and hospitality.

On Guy Martin, to embody French spirit and talent through and through, and on Cakes & Bakes, with its impeccable model and boundless drive.

Now CAKES & BAKES will be led and revisited by Guy Martin, to mix pleasure with even more pleasure.

Cakes & Bakes by Guy Martin: a (G)astronomic success story!

Culinary legend Guy Martin is a three Michelin-starred French chef and restaurant owner residing in Paris.

Having begun his career at age 17, he obtained his first star in 1984. He then became chef at "Le Gran Véfour" and received three Michelin stars.

He has been hosting the TV show "Epicerie Fine" aince 2011 that airs in "TV5 Monde" , "Cuisine TV", "Voyage" and "Campagnes TV"



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